“DERI&MOD”, a leading brand in Fashion and Retailing, will safely convey its experience of 40 years to the future.

DERI&MOD continuously monitors changing customer needs and uses all its facilities to provide increasing customer satisfaction. Our main purpose is to progress as a developed brand with our quality approach and customer satisfaction. Continuity of our company in domestic and foreign markets is only possible with continuity of our products and services. Accordingly, the quality of our products and services begins with the quality and responsibility of our employees. DERI&MOD realizes all its processes, using advanced technologies, based on the following purposes and principles.

Our Purposes and Principles:
• To combine our vales with our targets and strategies to grow with continuous development in the world markets.
• To ensure trust and close relationships with our customers with a sense of responsibility in all our operations and activities.
• DERI&MOD brand equals quality in perception of our customers. To design, product and offer quality, healthy and environmental friendly products to be used with satisfaction by our customers to maintain this trust.
• Every employee is conscious about customer satisfaction. To monitor and analyze satisfaction indicators, activities of our competitors and the best practices to improve our products.
• The main component behind customer satisfaction is content and knowledgeable people working in a positive environment.  To continuously develop our activities from this perspective and to complement this development with leadership and training.
• To carefully select, evaluate and develop our suppliers for quality products and continuous customer satisfaction.
• To catch up with technological advancements and to implement them in our processes to ensure all our customers, suppliers and employees have fast, efficient and simple access to information.
• To offer our products and services with increased quality to our customers before our rivals and to maintain our competitive advantage in the market.
• To preserve and implement consumer rights at the highest level.
• To continuously improve and develop performance and processes of our operation.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of all our employees and our administration to develop and spread the quality approach, brand awareness and customer satisfaction principle to the entire system at DERI&MOD.