Activities are held for self development and career planning of our employees based on the principle that the most valuable source in our company is Human Resources. Accurate assessment of performance of our employees, performance assessment for increased motivation and improvement of the awarding system are among our priority projects.


Recruitment and Placement
The main requirement is that candidates applying to be hired by Deri&Mod are suitable for the related position in terms of knowledge and skills and they are taken into assessment considering their competencies and past experiences. You can apply to DERI&MOD over or send email to


Orientation and Starting The Job: Our new hires start the job with an orientation program which allows fast and easy adaptation to training activities. Our orientation programs vary between positions.


Training: Our training aim at Deri&Mod is to offer opportunities of development and training for all our employees, to maintain continuity of and increase their efficiency in the company’s success.
We care for professional and personal development trainings to maintain the position of our company in an increasing and changing competitive environment and to meet development needs of our employees.


Career Opportunities: Employee careers are planned considering whether they have realized their personal targets with the performance system according to the strategic targets of our company to allow them to follow the most suitable career path and whether they have developed basic competencies to be successful at work life. Opportunities of rotation between units and promotion are created for self development of employees and for awarding high performance.

Send your CV to  for job applications.