CONDITIONS FOR RETURNS AND REPLACEMENTSYou can return the product you purchased in the exact form you received without causing any damage/impairment within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of buying.

– Products without their  invoice, box or packaging or products that used , cannot be returned
– Partial return or replacement is not possible in campaign products (50% discount for second product, buy 3 pay 2 etc.).

Always should be presented invoice when the product was bought.

Products that are brought because of production defects, this product will be accepted by the store and will be sent to the analyses by specialists. In case specialist will accept the defect, the stores will make the refund/replacement.

In case the specialist will report that the defects are not due to production but due to clients bad usage than the request for return will be declined. In this cases clients disagree with specialists view they have right to as for report analyses from govermantal organs

Within 14 days when we receive the returned product, integrity of the product is controlled and it will be accepted in case it complies with terms and conditions for returns. Product should be not used and should bring together with bill and box

When returned product is confirmed, the cost will be refunded to client (up to the payment model, if client paid with credit card , refund to  credit card will be done within the legal period. Our company cannot be held responsible for delays caused by banks or other institutions)ed by banks or other institutions)