Deri&Mod, established in 1974 with the goal of combining leather and fashion, has been the pioneering figure of a brand new life style and elegance by embodying grace of leather in fashionable models.

As the first brand combining leather and fashion , Deri&Mod is still a pioneering company of the sector after 41 years. Deri&Mod, a company breaking new grounds, is known to be the leading company of this sector and when it opened a store in the USA Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, Deri&Mod became the first leather company which opened a store overseas by using its trademark. Deri&Mod launches several communication and advertisement activities in the sector with its trademark and casts world famous top models such as Linda Evangelista and Mila Jovovich for these projects;

Deri&Mod adopts the philosophy of unconditional customer satisfaction and happiness and offers the opportunity of freely expressing oneself to its customers through products and collections designed in parallel to the ever-changing consumer expectations and lifestyles. Deri&Mod always recreates its collections to reflect grace and elegancy of leather on each product. Since its foundation, Deri&Mod has been a brand embracing the principle of adding value to its sector, customers and community and thus its goal is to fully perform its part, as a corporate citizen, through innovative campaigns and social responsibility projects launched.

Deri&Mod conquers the hearts of younger consumers with its Mood by Deri&Mod collection inspired by street style trends.